Release: Strategic Investment into Supermama Brand

posted on August 22, 2020

I am pleased to announce that I have made a strategic investment into the Supermama brand, and will be joining their board of directors.

Supermama is a Singapore Design and Lifestyle goods brand, established in 2010 by Husband and Wife duo, Edwin Low and Meiling Lee.

They are best known for their Arita made porcelain pieces, with a distinctly Singaporean identity.

In 2013, one of these designs, was awarded the President’s Design Award.

Edwin and Meiling have steadily grown the Supermama brand, creating many iconic pieces with familliar sights and themes of Singapore, and have also provided a platform for local design and art talent to showcase their works.

In 2017, Supermama collaborated with Disney and released a series of Star Wars X Supermama pieces. Particularly iconic, was their traditional Nanyang Coffee Cup and Saucer sets, which are a fixture in the everyday lives of Singaporeans.

I am excited to join their team and will be looking to add strategic value and direction to their next phase of growth.