Joining The New Savvy as Advisor

posted on April 23, 2018

Hello, much neglected space.

It’s been a while. But life has been so hectic. In a good way!

In stepping back from my executive duties as CEO at Netccentric, there lay an opportunity to reinvent myself.

To look back at who I was, when I was running the Netccentric Group, and to cast a new, and improved version of myself moving forward.

The overall lesson I took away from that self discovery exercise, was to seek a more rounded existence.

Yes, business achievement and the resulting material gain is important. But it is not EVERYTHING.

It is both the breadth and width of what you are doing, and the meaningfulness and depth of it, that counts.

And thus, one decision I made was to mentor and advise startups, and impart some of the lessons I had learnt from personal experience.

In a way, it’s paying it forward.

I don’t make any money per se from this exercise, but I do get a small stake in the companies I mentor, thus giving me some skin in the game.

Today, after 3 months of working together (A probationary period?), I am pleased to announce the first startup I am mentoring is, Financial literacy web portal and community, The New Savvy.

Run by Anna V Haotanto.

Why did I decide to work with Anna and The New Savvy?

Well, of course there are many reasons … but chief amongst them, and central to any decision I will make, is the founder themselves.

Anna struck me from the moment I met her, as a real hustler!

She comes from a humble background, and had to work her way up.

Impressively, by the time she was 29, she had made her first million dollars in cash. Check out her straits times article about that here.

People don’t get how much hard work it takes to get up there, but I see Anna work, and quite honestly, her work ethic puts me to shame.

Many a time, my key advice to her is to take a break and chill a little. 🙂

She is always so switched on. As I once was. Every tiny decision point, seemingly, a life or death one.

That’s where I come in, and tell her to chill and focus on the big picture :-).

I have really enjoyed myself mentoring Anna so far. Making new friends, and learning new things, and whilst it is early days, I’m sure The New Savvy will grow to greater heights moving forward.


Do check out the official media release here. Or more about TNS here.