Supermama produces Singaporean designed lifestyle products, with a particular focus on Arita Made Porcelain ware.

I have been an early supporter and admirer of Supermama.

They are true pioneers in the space when the only Singapore-themed products you could find locally were both kitschy and of low quality.

Throughout their 10 years, they have stayed true to their values of building a brand which espouses, local design philosophies, and the highest quality, often handcrafted products.

How we are doing

Supermama is currently operating an ecommerce store, and 2 physical premises, at 265 Beach Road, and Changi Jewel.

Whilst Covid 19 and the current scenario is proving a challenge, the brand is lucky to have the support of its established local customer base.

Looking ahead

I am looking forward to working with Edwin and Meiling to take Supermama to the next stage, and establish a local heritage brand we can all be proud of.

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