was an online property portal that was exclusively focused on “connecting serious property hunters with quality agents”.

The USP of the site was its clean cut design, with no advertisements or clutter. The UX design centred around a search bar and map, with results seamlessly loading with the criteria chosen.

This was in direct contrast to the incumbent services, PropertyGuru and iProperty.

How We Did

Led by David Zhang, Propmatch launched with a media blitz of taxis ads.

The sales team also went out extensively meeting with agents to secure listings, and were successful in getting several thousand listings on site.

In the grand scheme of things however, this was not enough, and without the critical mass of listings needed, Propmatch shut down 2 years later.


Lessons Learnt

The key difficulty we faced in this business was training a competent sales team to sell to very competent sales people, property agents!

Whilst the website and features served the needs of our users very efficiently, without the critical mass of listings, it was moot!

Internet entrepreneurs often obsess about the features of their sites/apps. Whilst this is an important facet, on ground activation is even more so.

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