Netccentric (Nuffnang, ChurpChurp, ReelityTV)

Netccentric started in 2006 with our first business venture,

Nuffnang was envisioned as an online platform and community for bloggers to monetize their audience, and connect with one another.

At the time, whilst there were millions of casual bloggers globally, very few had found effective ways to monetize, and there was some resistance to do so from within their ranks.

On the flipside, brands were hesitant to advertise on blogs, because they saw the medium as “uncontrollable”, and feared a backlash.

Our work in the space helped change this mindset on both fronts.

We also pioneered the idea of looking at Social Media Influencers as “talents” and were probably the first company in Asia to have executed exclusive talent agreements.

As the space matured, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram emerged, we set up to focus specifically on Social Media Influencers at large.

With the popularity of online video and Youtube, ReelityTV, a dedicated social video agency, was set up to cater to our client’s needs in the space.


How we are doing

Netccentric, through its subsidiaries of Nuffnang, ChurpChurp, and Reelity, experienced commendable successes from our founding right through to our IPO in 2015.

With just 65,800 SGD of startup capital, we churned a profit every year, and did not receive any external funding till that milestone event, when we raised 12.5 million AUD on the back of a 50 million AUD market capitalisation.

Looking Ahead

Since my stepping down as CEO of the group in Feb 2017, a professional team of managers have taken over the business and are pivoting to reflect the evolving digital marketing landscape.

In Jan 2020, I sold out my stake in Netccentric to prominent Malaysian entrepreneur, Ganesh Kumar Bangah

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