Dayre is a mobile blogging app, that was my brainchild, and one of the projects I was most passionate about whilst I was running Netccentric.

Essentially, it made long form blogging on the mobile phone relevant and palatable, by leveraging on current mobile user habits.

To illustrate simply, Dayre stitches the multiple micro posts you update within a day, into one long piece. A story of your day. A journal of sorts.

How we are doing

Dayre managed to capture the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of users upon launch.

At its peak it, had over 750,000 monthly active users.

But beyond this, it is the passion and fervour of the engaged community that really excited us.

There is a genuine sense of camaraderie, a quality of which is rarely found on other popular platforms of the day.

In 2018, Netccentric Ltd sold Dayre to Crate Collective.

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